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AdSense optimization for more revenue

Hire us to optimize your Google AdSense website to boost revenue. We are the oldest AdSense account holder of this planet ... ;-) (See the documents at last.) We will do that in mainly 3 ways

Step 1

We will use AdSense ad at the right place to maximize your revenue maintaining the "Beauty protocol" of the website.

Step 2

We will replace your existing "Search Engine" to "Google Search Engine". We shall create a personalized Search Engine for your website !! It will be integrated with Google. Google will show search result ONLY from your website's pages. It will ALSO show Ad related to search result !!

See live example below !

Google will pay you for this !! After replacing the Search Engine, we will link your Google AdSense account with this new Search Engine. It will monetize you as it will show ads beside the Search Results. If anyone clicks on the ad, Google will pay you. Even you can test it typing some sample keywords: "Email Bulk Service", "Criminal lawyer", "Online Colleges" etc. on the search engine.

Step 3

  • We will set your AdSense account correctly,
  • We will set your website correctly according to Google TOS,
  • We will set AdSense code in specific way that can generate more revenue,
  • We will use our secret White Hat techniques which will increase revenue.

Your must have

  1. a website built on WordPress or Blogger
  2. an existing non-hosted active Google AdSense account
  3. at least one sidebar in website, if possible blank sidebar
  4. sufficient visitors, posts or contents


#) Work Duration- We shall try our best to complete project as early as possible, may take maximum 3 days.

#) One Time Service- Our service is only for one time for one website.

#) Secrecy- We will never disclose our code or techniques which we will apply on your website. But you will feel some change there, and you should not change or delete anything without asking us.

Service Charge

  • 100 USD
  • Or, 10000 Bangladeshi Taka


We are waiting for you here for 7 days in week, 365 days in year ... Only limitation is we are not interested to provide service for any website which contains or will contain unlawful material, hate speech, nudity or adult elements.

Thank you

⚠️ Disclaimer

We are not Google employee. We advise from our experience.