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Corporate Website

Website for Small Business, Celebrity, Club, School, non-profit Organization, Sports team, Government etc.

You can choose exclusive design from the list below:


@ A completely new website from scratch

@ WordPress, Theme, Plug-Ins installation ensuring highest security standards and other setup

@ Viewable from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Fablet, Smart Phone

@ Average 20 Static pages (About Us, Our Mission, Future Plan, Our Policy etc.)

@ Special Contact page with contact form showing office location in Google Map

@ Favicon, Increase font size, how many visitors are online, Full statistics with user data, Poll and vote, Table creation, PDF file show

@ Google custom search, which will replace the WordPress search

@ Add Social Share tools to share content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

@ add Facebook option "Share Quote" in WordPress

@ Facebook "Like" button, Twitter "Follow" button, YouTube “Subscriber” button, Pinterest “Follow” button etc.

@ Show your Pinterest profile or/and one Pinterest board with Pinterest "Follow" button

@ Pinterest "Pin It" button for every image

@ Photo Gallery (with Slide show, self hosted or from

@ Show your YouTube Playlist in Sidebar or Footer, with latest video shown automatically

@ setup email accounts like (If your hosting provider supports)

@ add a "Call" button in Mobile version of WordPress website

@ Show AdSense Ad or other Ad (You must have an AdSense account for this)

@ Add a "Google Translate" option in your website, available for 90+ languages

@ Facebook feed or status in the website with Latest Tweets

@ Embed Wikipedia article in Post or Page

@ Blog or News (with search option, archive and RSS feed)

@ Comment System by WordPress default or Facebook comment or Disqus

@ Show related post below post in WordPress, popular posts in sidebar or footer

@ WordPress Post or News Rating by Visitor from 1 to 5 star; will be shown in sidebar

@ Security system against hacking (change login URL, IP Block for wrong password, 2-step Authenticator, notification email)

@ Search Engine Optimization (Permalink, Meta, Page by page keyword, Social Media Integration)

@ Listing to Google Analytic and Webmaster with Robots.txt and XML Sitemap

Service Charge
  • 100 USD to 300 USD
  • Or, 10,000 to 30,000 Bangladeshi Taka

This cost does not include Domain, Theme, PlugIn or Hosting Fees. You will provide domain and hosting cost. Beside that if you decide to use commercial plugin or commercial theme, you will buy it yourself. We shall just install and customize the theme and plugin according to your requirements only.

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We are waiting for you here for 7 days in week, 365 days in year ... Only limitation is we are not interested to provide service for any website which contains or will contain unlawful material, hate speech, nudity or adult elements.

Thank you